Jerry Magnuson- TrackMaster ProductsJerry Magnuson  1939-2015


It would be nearly impossible to list all of Jerry Magnuson’s accomplishments in his illustrious career as machinist, engineer, designer, supercharger manufacturer and car builder, but his most visible body of work is the Magnuson Supercharger product line that still dominates the market in power output, efficiency and durability. Another one of Jerry’s icons is his ’32 Muroc roadster appropriately named “Magnatude” that was a collaboration between he and Chip Foose. It is a multi-award winner and can be considered the “standard” for ’32 Ford-style roadsters.

There have been many other accomplishments along the way such as a revolutionary motorcycle design called the MagnaCycle, and his work with Yamaha on building the first drag bike to exceed 200mph. However, the most significant experience he brings to TrackMaster Products is the knowledge he gained while building Indy Cars for Dan Gurney’s All-American Racers. Jerry’s knowledge of suspension geometry and design, fabrication skills and how to design a car from scratch complete with engineering drawings has taken a traditional “Hot Rod” that is typically a hodge-poge of parts, and turned it into a world-class automobile capable of exceeding the performance envelope of the most exotic cars on the planet.

Jerry is quick to mention that the new TrackMaster Products team is the strongest group of dedicated individuals that he has ever had the opportunity to work with.



Maureen Magnuson

Maureen Magnuson- TrackMaster Products

Behind every successful man there is a successful woman. Nothing could be truer when describing Jerry and Maureen Magnuson’s relationship. Maureen has been the “adult supervision” when Jerry was building Magnuson Products and is taking the same role in developing TrackMaster Products. Maureen shares the daily administration chores of TMP with Jennifer Renshaw, but more importantly oversees the financials of TMP.

Fortunately, Maureen shares Jerry’s passion for fast cars and hot rods. She is very instrumental in inviting car clubs and car collectors to the TMP showroom where the Magnuson’s cars and art are beautifully displayed. Maureen gleefully provides tours for the endless stream of car enthusiasts who come by to check out the Meca of Track “T”s.









Daniel Vehse

Daniel Vehse- TrackMaster Products

It’s safe to say that Daniel lives, eats and sleeps everything automotive. Having earned a Fine Arts degree from Carnegie Mellon University, Daniel pursued his true interest of Industrial Design at ArtCenter College of Design. For the next 15 years Daniel stayed on as a Product / Transportation instructor and augmented his teaching with design consulting. Some notable collaborations over 20 years include BMW / Designworks USA, BMW - Willams F1, VW and Audi both in their California and European design centers.

You can’t design great cars or automotive products without a thorough understanding of the great cars of the past. Daniel has that base covered as a Historian/Docent for the Mullin Automotive Museum in Ventura County that specializes in iconic French Art Deco automobiles from the 20s and 30s.  Along with full knowledge of early auto racing in California and practiced manufacturing skills, to build a car from scratch was always a personal dream.

That dream became reality . . . Daniel started his collaboration with Jerry Magnuson on the TrackMaster T roadster in 2011 as the project manager and is currently running TrackMaster Products LLC as a legacy to his mentor and dear friend.


Jennifer Renshaw

Jennifer Renshaw- TrackMaster Products

Jennifer brings managerial experience from co-owning and running a Harley Davidson dealership, and many years of consulting buying groups on purchasing and parts inventory management. These skills are crucial when sourcing components and materials to build entire cars from scratch. As a co-owner of TrackMaster Products Jennifer is a driving force to keep things moving through the shop and into production. Somehow, Jennifer finds time to devote to her husband and three children that have no choice but to grow up to be gearheads.

When you meet Jennifer Renshaw her gender is obvious, however, most men would die to have her work credentials and the personal toys she has parked in her garage. On any given day Jennifer may arrive at work in her supercharged big-block Chevelle, Harley Street Glide or Ducati Monster. The best part is that she not only owns them, but she can work on them too.




Scott Lacy

Scott Lacy is a UTI alumni and an ASE-certified master technician, but his car building skills were honed to a sharp edge over 19 years of fabricating components for Scott’s Hot Rods and helping Jerry build the Magnatude. He is equally adept at manual machining processes, sheet metal work or tig welding a suspension component.

Operating with a limited number of fabricators brings a high level of intensity to TrackMaster Products, but that’s how Scott likes it. Quality control is directly in his hands, and the TrackMaster “T”s border on perfection. The process from prototype to finished car has been extremely smooth with only a couple of minor design revisions required.

Scott takes great pride in the bare metal TrackMaster T that is used for display because his incredible craftsmanship is not covered up with paint and upholstery and is there for every car enthusiast to admire.


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