Side Steering Box


$ 35.00

For your traditional "Side Steering" needs TrackMaster Products offers progressive sector gearing with 5 sizes of output shafts to accommodate different cowl configurations or body styles. 

16:1 or 24:1 steering ratios are available to tailor the steering response you desire and the custom designed housing maximizes interior space.  Either for new builds or vintage retrofit these systems use Saginaw assemblies, interface welded components and connects to a standard 3/4" 36 spline engineering steering shaft.  The installation package can be easily modified to provide a visually dynamic and reliable control environment.  Options include hub center horn feature and quick release or fixed wheel choices.

Can be fit to Model As, Model Ts, 1932s, 1934s, and any small car/truck application.

As each TMP Steering Box is a custom order please allow two weeks for build and shipping.

Steering systems are assembled to a set standard and should not be adjusted unless direct contact with manufacturer has been established regarding performance issues.

Steering Box Dimensions


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