Coming Soon To A Magazine Rack Near You June 16 2014

It has been an exciting couple of weeks at TMP with the TrackMaster T scoring some major ink with two of the nation’s leading street rod magazines. The TMP’s car number one, “The Carrell Speedway Special” traveled over to The Enthusiast Network (TEN) studios in El Segundo for its introductory photo-shoot by famed car photographer Randy Lorentzen for Street Rodder Magazine. The Carrell Speedway Special was illuminated center stage and with Randy’s exceptional lighting skills, gear and studio set-up -- the smoothness of its curves and brilliance of its red body color really shone through.

The second TrackMaster T is still in bare metal and will make its photographic debut later this month when it makes its photo debut in the Rodder’s Journal Studios in San Francisco. The bare metal TrackMaster T will also feature a new Borla stack-style fuel injection system sticking through the hood like vintage sprint cars of the ‘60s. Steve Coonan will be the photographer on this shoot as the TMT is showcased in its raw form, before all of the fancy paint covers up the incredible metal craftsmanship. Rodders Journal will also take the sister Carrell Speedway Special on a test drive to experience the raw power and agility of the TrackMaster T with its 500hp-plus LS3 and Legend 5-speed manual transmission.

Stay tuned – we will post issue and cover dates as soon as we know them.